How our BCHS teachers feel about the new school year

Our BCHS teachers are back to teaching in-person school but there’s some definite changes.


Photo by RichVintage/ Getty images

A happy teacher ready to start the new school year with masks.

Alyssa Sanders, Staff Writer


As we all know in-person school is back in session. Over fifty-six million students in the US are going back to school. The students fill the hallways and classrooms that were momentarily only occupied by teachers. It’s a new year, a fresh start and our teachers are overjoyed. Although, there are quite a few significant changes in this school year. How do they feel about all this? Well, continue reading and you’ll see. 

First of all let’s see what Ms. Elkins has to say about this school year. I interviewed her, asking her a few questions to see her view on this school year. She is for in-person school saying, “ I really like having school in person” and “I want to stay in person as long as possible”. She’s happy and ready to tackle this school year and it’s obstacles. Speaking of obstacles this year comes with a huge change, the mask mandate. Ms. Elkins fully approves of the mask mandate “I approve, evidence has shown wearing masks slows the spread.” Our brilliant librarian is ready for this chaotic year!

Another fantastic BCHS teacher I interviewed is Ms. Garrison. She is overjoyed to be back in school. She thinks the first day was great, “I thought it was successful”. However she has a slightly different opinion on the substantial change of this year, the mask mandate. “I hate it, but I do think it’s necessary to slow the spread of the new virus, the variant.” Even though she thinks it’s necessary, she thinks some aspects aren’t adequate. “I’m not sure how the health department mandates quarantines is the most practical thing and I think it’s unfair that kids who mask properly get quarantined.” She also is most definitely for in-person school, “I think I speak for every teacher in the building when I say no one wants to teach hybrid or virtual”. Looks like our motivated Health and PE teacher is ready to tackle Bourbon County’s most daunting year yet. 

Our teachers are glad to be here and are holding on to the hope of having a full in-person school year. One thing is for sure, this year definitely won’t be a breeze. Dropout rates are up and college matriculation rates are down. Also, a collection of studies produced by the Center on Reinventing Public Education observed that kids can be months behind, it’s advised that the full amount of what was missed won’t be known for a while. To add onto the madness COVID rates are up and kids are quarantined left and right. How will our teachers handle this? Only time will tell, all we know for sure is that our teachers are doing the best they can.

So as you can see, some teachers have quite different opinions on some of these major changes. Some support the mask mandate, some don’t. Also, concerns about the effects that COVID has had on our education is worrisome. Regardless of all the concern, our hardworking BCHS teachers are doing whatever they can to give us semi-normal high school years. The best you can do is be respectful and keep your masks up!