Bourbon and Paris Face off in Football for the First Time in Nine Years


Krista Barnett

BCHS Football Team On the Field During Backyard Brawl

James Mulcahy, Staff Writer

On August 15, cross town rivals Bourbon County and Paris High School faced each other for the first time in nine years. Originally scheduled for Saturday the 14th, it was rained out and then rescheduled for the next day. Even though it was cancelled on Friday and it messed some peoples schedules up, there was a huge crowd at the game on Saturday. The scrimmage was a fundraiser and also organized for Ivan Rice also known as the “Doctor of Sports”. He is diagnosed with cancer and most of the profits from the game went to him for his treatment. He is the sports editor for the Bourbon County Citizen. 

For this article I interviewed Lucas McCarty, who is a sophomore here at BCHS and a player on our football team.

Q: How do you think you guys as a team performed compared to previous seasons?

Lucas: This season we are way more talented and disciplined and more diverse than other previous years. We’re having good practices and working hard every day. 

Q. Was the game matched up well or was it unfair?

Lucas: I would say the game wasn’t matched up completely fair seeing as Paris has a smaller school with a smaller football team. They also don’t have as good resources for us such as our coaches who have been college or NFL players while Paris’s coaches are mainly just youth football coaches. Other than that though, they put up a good fight on the field and it was a fun game for us. It may not have shown on the scoreboard but on the field it was a whole lot closer of a game.

Q. Does the outlook of the season look good based off of the last game?

Lucas: Outlook looks good so far but it could go bad if anything happens. But if we keep up the hard work, talent, and stay dedicated, we’re gonna win a whole lot of games this season and maybe even go undefeated. 

Q. Was the tension high between you and the other Paris players on the team?

Lucas: Seeing as both of our teams hadn’t played each other in nine years, there was obviously a lot on the line with this game. There was quite a bit of trash talking and a couple of cheap shots here and there. But, seeing as we’re so close to Paris most kids know each other. But most kids on the field knew each other and had a fun time during the game playing against some of their friends. We try and be good role models by showing good sportsmanship in the school. We’re not like the typical jocks you see in the movies but we’re the people that try and help out and be the leaders our school needs.