COVID-19 and The Impact It Has On Public Schools.

This image is the Bourbon County mascot alongside the name of the school!

This image is the Bourbon County mascot alongside the name of the school!

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

With the new openings of public schools, we have seen a new rise in COVID cases and with new rises, new mandates, and new regulations, a lot is being suggested to help the stop of this virus while it grows in school buildings. Each school in the state is being held to consequences for their regulations, and how effectively they are enforcing these regulations. 

For Bourbon County Schools, the district has been pretty consistent with their planning for new cases among the county. The school has followed the recent mandate by Governor Andy Beshear, for all public schools. Anyone at a school would have to wear a mask during the time they were present there. Bourbon County, as a school district has held itself to a high standard within this mandate to promote a safe environment for all of the student body that is present in the buildings. The disappointing part throughout all of this, however, would be the alarming amount of students who have ended up with COVID-19 and or being quarantined as of the short amount of weeks of the school year has started. 

As the cases seem to grow alongside the days of in-person school, there are many things that students could do to prevent the spread, alongside the work that is being done already by the janitorial staff and teachers. Making sure that your mask is covering not only your mouth, but also your nose is a great place to start. Not only should students be enforcing themselves, we as a student body should also promote the use of sanitation. These can go from anything including hand sanitizer, wipes, and even just simply using what you brought and not sharing. A lot of the occurring issues could slow if students bring themselves to follow through with these regulations to promote cleanliness each day.