A Reflection on the Carlisle Flood


WKYT News Staff, Grace Finerman, Shelby Lofton and Chad Hedrick

A photo of a car caught in the Carlisle flood.

Riley Emanuel, Staff Writer

In late July, going into early August, a large storm caused harsh flooding in Carlisle. This flood would change so many lives and caused large changes in the town they lived in. On July 30, 2021, it started just as heavy rain, the following morning many residents woke up to excessive flooding to their homes, as well as blocked major roadways in the town. Due to the accident, several roads have been washed away from the high waters. These roads were very important to the travel in this county, keeping them stuck in Carlisle. 

This major disaster caused more destruction in the hearts of the residents rather than just the land of Carlisle. Many families would have to completely move their life’s path due to this disaster. Despite the despair, the community found it important to stick together, to not leave each other behind. The county was able to seek help from third-party resources and services to get to the residents affected and in need. People were able to finally get food & water, clothes, and shelter, to help replace the ones they had lost beforehand. 

Many people were astonished by the destruction this flood caused, it created multiple fundraisers and charities in neighboring counties, to support the citizens of Carlisle. Bourbon County residents helped give back to donation funds to send back to Carlisle. This flood was one of the many that have happened in the United States as a whole recently, and Carlisle is a mere portion of the destruction from the recent rising rainstorms in America. After the flood, many residents, including students of Bourbon, have been reeling from this tragedy. Residents’ feelings have not discouraged them from moving forward even though it may seem hard to accomplish. They have found it important to move on, even if that will take lots of hard work, and- most importantly- time.