What are the Seniors of BCHS Planning to do After High School?


A bulletin board (between Ms.Getz and Ms.Leggetts’ classroom) of various colleges

Patricia Jones, Editor

As the new year of school started, we have lots of students who are excited about being seniors. The seniors of BCHS are already planning their lives after high school, so what are they doing?

When asked a basic overview of what seniors are going/planning to do after high school (and questions similar to that one), here’s what a couple of people said:

Senior Mahayla Conner said, “Of course I’m excited for the future, mostly because I’m just all around curious about how and what my future looks like. Right now my plan is to continue working at UPS part-time and going to a small community college somewhat near home. My dream job is to have my own business. My number one choice is MCTC (Maysville Community & Tech College) in Cynthiana, Kentucky. I want to major in business and finance. In ten years, realistically, hopefully married with a small child, my dream job, a home of my own, and my own successful business, just overall happy with life. Yes [talking about missing high school], because that’s where a lot of memories were made with my closest friends. Just have to make it the best while it lasts because you’ll blink an eye and you’ll have graduated.

Senior Blake Hudnall said, “Yes, very excited for the future. I want to go to a trade school and my dream job is to be a CEO of my own company. I’m not planning on going to college. I will see myself in 10 years having a family and a good job. I will miss high school.”

Senior Isaiah Villar said, “Yes, I’m excited for the future. I plan on attending a college/prep school and playing football. My dream job is playing in the NFL. I want to go to whichever place benefits me and my future the most and feels like home. I want to be a PE teacher. I see myself [in 10 years] in Florida on a beach on vacation. I will miss all the memories and friends I’ve made in high school, so yes, I will miss it.”

Senior Michaela Littrell said, “Yeah, I’m just not sure what exactly my future’s going to be, but that’s the fun in it. It’s all an adventure. I might go to college but I might also take an off year to fully decide if I want to go to college and what for. Probably Marine Biology or being a director [ [talking about her dream job]. I might go to Auburn University for Marine Biology. Hopefully I’ll be married with a stable job and a nice crib. Yes and no, there’s some things I’m gonna miss, but overall I can’t wait to get out of high school honestly.”

As you can see, some seniors have planned out their future and are ready to take it on. Congrats class of 2022 for making it to your senior year!