Latine’s Impact to America


Iakov Filimonov

In this photo it is a latine worker in the fields!

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

An ethnic diversity has a wide impact on America, from the things we use in our day-to-day lives, to the changes being made in the law and justice systems. Latines have existed for centuries in America and have bettered our society through innovation and progress.

During the month of September going into October, we celebrate the advancements Latines have made over the years. Not only have these advancements come from many fields, but also from many different backgrounds. Throughout the centuries of America’s existence, our country has been involved in many things in regards the people here. The country includes a wide variety of ethnicity and races, due to Americans’ involvement with many places throughout the year’s many different groups are located in this country. One of the many groups located in this country that has made an everlasting impact has been the Latine community.

Latine is a name for Latin-originating that is more gender-neutral compared to “Latino”, as some are not comfortable with the masculine root of the name. However, “Latino” is not the only thing that is very diverse within the Latine community. The community has a variety of diverse backgrounds, being an ethnicity containing various racial identities. One person who invented something that greatly changed our culture is Guillermo González-Camarena. Gonzalez-Camarena was the inventor of the color wheel, which introduced the world to the color television that we know today. He was a Mexican electrical engineer, who would later pursue other projects as well. One sector where we see Latines flourishing, more familiar to Bourbon County, is the agricultural field. Due to population growth, we have seen an increase in Latines working on horse farms to the rise of our produce and floral industry. The impact of Latines in the agricultural sector, dating back to colonization and the increase in labor demand, due to the excessive amount of immigrants coming into the country, later on contributing to the growth of the business in America.

The work Latines have made in America has been one that has impacted the culture of America as well. The amounts of strength and power Latines have to go through to continuously make a change is one that deserves to be showcased loud and proud. The struggles they face are ongoing and it’s important to continuously pay attention and to help out the community’s needs. To continuously help, it’s important to actively check and donate to Latines who need help.