The KEES program


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Taylor Koch, Editor

  The KEES program (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship) is a program that provides scholarships to students who earn at least a 2.5 GPA in all four years of high school. The better you do at school is how much more money you’ll be able to receive and be provided for the college of your choice, but it must be in-state. You also have the chance to earn money, and certificates for ACT/SAT scores.

  For example, if a freshman earns a 3.5 GPA in high school, they would receive a $375 scholarship for each year they attend college. But, this number may change depending on how the other three years go. Students learn before they start high school about this program, that way they have goals to set and hopefully achieve. It is very beneficial, which is something that a lot of students do not realize. 

  In an interview with one student, she explains how this program has helped her get through college, and because she took the ACT more than once, she was close to a full scholarship to Georgetown. Each year, she received all A’s leading to more than two-thousand dollars. 

Many adults stress the importance of GPA because of all the opportunities we have that they didn’t. Talking to your counselors can help with college decisions, taking exams, and advice on how to do your best in school in order to receive scholarships like KEES. Though some students do not plan to attend college and want to go to trade school or the military, are still eligible for the program.

Taking harder classes and more tests is not easy, but the ending result is worth it. Even professors at college explain in one interview that students in Kentucky are very lucky to have KEES and should take every opportunity to earn money.


GPA Amount
2.50 $125
2.60 150
2.70 175
2.75 187
2.80 200
2.90 225
3.00 250
3.10 275
3.20 300
3.25 312
3.30 325
3.40 350
3.50 375
3.60 400
3.70 425
3.75 437
3.80 450
3.90 475
4.00 500


ACT Score Bonus
15 $36
16 71
17 107
18 143
19 179
20 214
21 250
22 286
23 321
24 357
25 393
26 428
27 464
28+ 500