Giving Back to Your Community


Cleaning up the community is a way to come together.

Riley Stinson, Staff Writer

Community service acts have been cherished for many years. More people have been coming up with new ideas to base their work on. The most popular forms of community service include helping clean your community and volunteering at animal shelters and nursing homes.

While community service never fails to boost a college application, the meaning behind it is much deeper. The origin of volunteering dates back to 12th century Britain, where more than 500 hospitals were run by volunteers. During World War ll, there was a giant spike in community service because many people were being sent overseas to provide aid. These people were untrained and barely knew what they were getting into. 

One form of community service that is gradually becoming popular is pillowcase making. In Kentucky, churches have been involved in this type of community service for more than a few months. Groups of individuals come together in their free time to discuss where they should send the pillowcases. Usually, other people are there to assist them, including family members, friends, and even volunteers. Next, they take pieces of fabric, some whole or in shreds, and sew different hems to create a pillowcase. These personalized cases aid many different causes, such as orphanages and homeless shelters. Small efforts, like making a pillowcase, can change many people’s lives and can serve as a  good hobby for older people as well. 

There are hundreds of thousands of ways to give back to your community or environment, but it goes to show that even a small group of people making pillowcases can make a huge impact on other people. These small groups can grow into hundreds, and soon, you have an army of people making pillowcases for those in need. Even though you may not have the time, materials, or space to make a pillowcase, there are many other ways to give back. It only takes a small step to create something incredible for those around you. Kindness is never forgotten.