Betty White’s Legacy



A photo of Betty White that was taken from abcnewschicago

Riley Emanuel , Staff Writer

Ever since the late 1930s, Betty White has been an influential figure in the film industry. Throughout her roles in the industry such as her prominent cameos in movies like the Lorax or Toy Story, she was also known for her hit shows. The most notable show Betty was most known for was her role as Rose in the hit series, The Golden Girls. Betty has made lots of achievements throughout her time in the industry such as her five Emmys, her People’s Choice Award, and her many other lifetime achievement awards. However, Betty hasn’t only been known for her many acting roles, but also for the activism she has shown throughout her time in the spotlight. 

Due to Betty’s rising success during such a time of difficulty for many, she made sure that she wanted the people and animals around her. Betty was a well-known activist for animals. She participated in making sure many exotic animals, as well as pets, could get the love and care they deserved. She loved wildlife and was sure that with her help they could be protected for years to come. Betty was also known for her push for more diversity and inclusion in the media industry, even in the 1960s. She pushed away complaints from viewers when she included a black performer on her show and ensured that the performer was able to have the same right to perform as much as the rest of the cast did, no matter what people said. She not only was a fighter for inclusion for people of color, but she also was an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community as she would fight for the right for marriage equality and star alongside queer characters, which was not that common during the time of television due to the stigma against the affiliation of HIV and AIDs. She never let the public bring her down, and even fought alongside it even through years of controversy from her actions.