An Ultimate List of Romance Films for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Comedies also known as Chick Flicks, are a popular Valentines Day pass-time.

Romantic Comedies also known as “Chick Flicks,” are a popular Valentine’s Day pass-time.

Sophia Prichard, Editor

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You (Disney Plus) – Suggested by Sadie Darbro
  2. Clueless (HBO Max)
  3. The Broken Hearts Gallery (Hulu, Starz)
  4. She’s All That (HBO Max)
  5. Notting Hill (Apple TV, Amazon Prime)
  6. Valentine’s Day (HBO Max)
  7. The Half of It (Netflix)
  8. 13 Going on 30 (HBO Max)
  9. The Proposal (Hulu) – Suggested by Macailyn Craft
  10. Life As We Know It (HBO Max)
  11. Easy A (HBO Max)
  12. Monte Carlo (Amazon Prime)
  13. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Amazon Prime)
  14. Dirty Dancing (Hulu) – Suggested by Macailyn Craft
  15. Love Simon (Hulu)
  16. But I’m a Cheerleader (Youtube) – Suggested by Macailyn Craft
  17. Love Rosie (Hulu)
  18. You’ve Got Mail (HBO Max)
  19. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Peacock)
  20. She’s The Man (Hulu) – Sadie Darbro
  21. To All The Boys I Loved Before (Netflix) – Suggested by Sadie Darbro
  22. Pretty Woman (Amazon Prime) – Suggested by Bailey Darbro
  23. Enchanted (Disney Plus) – Suggested by Bailey Darbro
  24. Tamako Love Story (My Anime List) – Suggested by Joel Patrick
  25. Twilight (Pluto TV) – Suggested by Macailyn Craft
  26. Always Be My Maybe (Netflix) – Suggested by Bailey Darbro
  27. Just Go With It (Netflix) – Suggested by Macailyn Craft
  28. The Notebook (HBO Max)
  29. Dear John (Netflix) – Suggested by Bailey Darbro
  30. Letters to Juliet (Hulu)
  31. Pretty in Pink (Hulu) – Suggested by Bailey Darbro
  32. A Walk to Remember (Tubi) – Suggested by Macailyn
  33. The Last Song (Disney Plus) – Suggested by Macailyn
  34. 27 Dresses (HBO Max) – Suggested by Alyssa Sanders
  35. Geek Charming (Disney Plus)
  36. One Day (Hulu)  – Suggested by Bailey Darbro
  37. The DUFF (Netflix)
  38. Save the Last Dance (HBO Max) –  Suggested by Mrs. Francis
  39. Down to You (Hulu) – Suggested by Mrs. Francis
  40. Elizabethtown (Hulu)
  41. 50 First Dates (Hulu)
  42. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (Paramount Plus)
  43. Candy Jar (Netflix)
  44. Set It Up (Netflix) – Suggested by Emma Wiley
  45. Romeo and Juliet (Pluto) – Suggested by Kent Montgomery Jr. 
  46. Titanic (Hulu) – Suggested by Kent Montgomery Jr.
  47. The Sun is also a Star (Youtube) – Suggested by Emma Wiley
  48. Cloud 9 (Disney Plus)
  49. Mamma Mia (Hulu) – Suggested by Emma Wiley
  50. Grease (Youtube, Amazon Prime) – Suggested by Kent Montgomery Jr. 
  51. A Cinderella Story (HBO Max)
  52. The Princess Diaries (Disney Plus)
  53. 16 Candles (Hulu)
  54. Crazy Rich Asians (HBO Max)
  55. Ella Enchanted (HBO Max)
  56. Marry Me – Only In Theaters! Releases this Valentine’s Day!
  57. The Wedding Singer (HBO Max)
  58. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Hulu)
  59. Sweet Home Alabama (Hulu) – Suggested by Clay Arnold
  60. Pride and Prejudice (HBO Max)