Bourbon County Wrestling Team


BCHS wrestling team

Morgan Turpin, Staff Writer

High school wrestling is the sixth most popular sport among high school athletes. It’s also considered the oldest sport, with cave drawings dating back to 3,000 B.C.

Bourbon County High School has its own wrestling team consisting of highly talented wrestlers such as Captain Jayden Moody, and sophomore Isaiah Troutman, as well as Coach Roberts.

Wrestling takes a lot of strength physically but is also a lot about the mindset. According to the boy’s wrestling team captain, Jayden Moody, “hard work, dedication, effort, and a good mindset,” as well as determination, seem to be the key factors to being a good wrestler.

Isaiah Troutman said, “I feel the most essential things are consistency and courage. Not only having and putting in the time, being able to push yourself past breaking points [and] training not only your body but along with your mind.”

I asked Jayden Moody what he likes about wrestling and he said, “the way it shapes you to become disciplined.” Discipline is another key factor to being a good wrestler.

I also interviewed the boy’s wrestling coach, Coach Roberts. He gave a lot of good advice and information about wrestling that was very insightful.

Q: What does it take to be a wrestler?

A: “To be a wrestler, it takes dedication, sacrifice, discipline, and a lot of hard work.”

Q: Were you a wrestler in high school?

A: “Yes, I wrestled in high school. I started when I was in 7th grade and wrestled for Bourbon County since my sophomore year and was a 3x state qualifier.”

Q: Why did you become a wrestling coach?

A: “I always wanted to coach my entire life but my senior year was taken from me due to injury and that’s when I felt determined to give back and coach.”

Q: As this season is coming to an end, how do you prepare your team?

A: “With the young team we have this year, I prepare our team in the postseason by focusing our team on the experience of the postseason and leaving it all out on the mat no matter the outcome of the match.”

Q: What is a good piece of advice you have for new wrestlers?

A: “Understand that wrestling can get very uncomfortable but I preach to my wrestlers that it also falls in line with life. Life can be very uncomfortable as well, but finding ways to be comfortable and pushing through uncomfortable situations is a prime way to be successful in not only wrestling but in life as well.”

He also added, “Wrestling is a very underrated sport and is great for all guys and girls to experience. Girls wrestling is on the rise and the potential of our team could be amazing with more participants. That’s all this team is missing is more bodies. More kids should come out and try wrestling. It changed my life for the better!”