Who is Lauren Daigle?


Getty Images

Lauren Daigle poses backstage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

Morgan Turpin, Staff Writer

Over the past few years, Grammy-winning artist Lauren Daigle has risen in popularity. Ever since she was young, Lauren was a singer in the choir and continued to lead the choir at Louisiana State University.

In 2010, she tried out for American Idol but unfortunately didn’t get make it to Hollywood. Then two years later, her family convinced her to compete in American Idol a second time. She ultimately tried out for American Idol three times before she made it big as a Contemporary Christian music artist. 

In 2013, Lauren Daigle wrote her first single “Light of the World.” The single gathered an initial fanbase and brought a lot of attention to Lauren. The most popular song she has written is “You Say,” which came out in 2018. In 2019, Lauren won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. She also won the Billboard Music Awards’ Top Christian song in 2019. 

In November, I went to Lauren Daigle’s concert with a VIP pass for her Q&A. She talked to fans about her childhood and songs and gave all kinds of advice as well. Even during the concert, she was so engaged with her audience. 

Something else Lauren participates in during her free time is her podcast, “Daigle Bites.” In her podcast, she talks about her journey through life and things she is going through or has in the past. She talks about living as a Christian, gives listeners advice, and quotes scriptures as well. In addition, she discusses a variety of topics including her favorite things such as food, Louisiana, songwriting, and her songwriting process. 

Lauren Daigle isn’t just a songwriter. Her music has actually helped to save several lives. Her song “You Say” has helped people cope with psychological disorders including depression and anxiety. Even celebrities such as Selena Gomez listen to Lauren’s music. Overall, Lauren Daigle is a great singer and songwriter that everyone should listen to.