Senior Spotlight: Bo Stinson

Senior Guard Bo Stinson in scrimmage game against Newport High School


Sawyer Kehn, Staff Writer

Senior Spotlight: Bo Stinson 

Starting offensive guard Bo Stinson is entering his third year as a starter. With college on the horizon for this young star, there were a few questions that needed to be answered.


Losing almost every starter on the offensive line was always going to be a tough obstacle to overcome, however, with new offensive lineman coach Austin Dotson bringing a more physical approach to running the line, Bo has quickly emerged as a leader helping transform the offensive line. Bo’s impressive work in the weight room, with a 315 pound bench max and a 500 pound max in both squat and deadlift has made Bo a perfect fit for Coach Dotson’s line.


Bo has already shown next level talent, when asked what his plans for college were he responded with “For the first two years, get bigger, get stronger. After that I want to reach All American status, captain.” Bo has made it clear that his goals have been set high and nothing will be able to stop him from achieving them. “I really want to go D1.” The young star said, “If I don’t get D1, I’ll go JUCO and earn my scholarship from there.”


Bo can already play at a high level, yet he recognizes there are many ways he can still approve. When asked What are a few ways that you can still approve, he responded with, “Being more physical, becoming more consistent, running to the ball behind the play, I feel like everything else is there I just need to keep working at it.” Bo has shown insane athleticism by being able to play on both sides of the ball for the colonels. Being able to play on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball against 5A opponent West Jessamine.


Bo Stinson has a bright future in the sport of football, you should keep an eye on this upcoming star.