Covid-19’s Impact On Sports Throughout the Country

Bourbon County varsity football players


Bourbon County varsity football players

Taylor Koch, Editor

     As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the effect it has on all of us is not invisible. Feeling overwhelmed at work, not having energy to complete a task, or having no desire to do anything is quite common for many people. Though it’s been over a year since things started to feel “normal” again, not everything is. 

    The workforce is seeing a world-wide decrease in employment. Studies show that jobs are having trouble seeking out people to work for them, forcing jobs to close because there is no help, or barely surviving off of only a few employees. After the pandemic hit, more people began to work from home full time and didn’t need to find an “in-person” job. Working from home is much easier and now with zoom and other advances, why wouldn’t you? While this option can be a plus side for busy parents, some people aren’t working at all causing jobs to shut down permanently. 

    To hit closer to home, sports state-wide are facing this problem too. Since Covid, people have been more focused on media and having a hard time getting their face out of a screen. Tiktok has gained its popularity since the shutdown which only makes sense why people are so obsessed. It’s causing students to have less motivation to go out and be active. With minimum to zero athletes willing to participate, sports like football, tennis, and golf are having to forfeit games. Major league sports have even seen problems getting fans to come to games- The mlb industry reported that attendance since 2019 has had a “league-wide decrease of 6.4%”…. “The reasons for the decline are varied, but assuming the pace holds this will be the fifth consecutive non-pandemic restricted season with declining decrease.” 

    In hopes to get American sports back to normal, the country’s needs for entertainment continue to rise. As long as Covid is here, nothing will return back to normal but we can act upon it. Continue supporting your school sports, continue watching professional sports, and as always don’t let media stop you from doing the things you enjoy.