Riverdale is an Amazing Horror Series


Joshua David Stein

Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Cheryl blossom and Josie McCoy are at Pops Chocolate Shop.

Breanna Hardin, Staff Writer

In my opinion, Riverdale is an amazing horror series. It has the perfect amount of horror combined with the perfect amount of life outside of the horror like families being brought together and some being torn apart. Riverdale was a series about this little town in British Columbia called Riverdale, soon to be Rivervale. This little town was filled with terror. In this little town there is a chocolate shop called pops where friends, old friends, and family could meet. It was the best place in the little town. 

This little chocolate shop in Riverdale is where Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper meet Veronica Lodge for the first time, soon to be their best friend and much more. Also in this little town were serpents, goolies, and the pretty poisons. Jughead Jones was a serpent but he was much more than that he was a writer he wrote for the blue and gold at his high school with Betty Cooper and he also wrote for the town paper soon to write a big novel. Betty and Jughead would solve murders and crimes together because the town sheriff did not. They solved mysteries like who was the Blackhood and who killed Jason Blossom, etc…

These crimes were solved by Jughead and Betty, but the people who committed these crimes were Betty’s cousin Cheryl Blossom’s father and Betty’s father. All of these crimes that were in Riverdale always came back to Betty’s and Cheryl’s, even Jughead’s family. Most of the people in Riverdale left at one point because there were so many things happening, people were losing their houses so that Veronica Lodge’s father Hiram Lodge could grow his business Sodale that some many investors invested in. After this incident people came back to Riverdale and Betty, Cheryl, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Betty’s mom, Jugheads dad, Cheryls mom, and some of their family friends forced Hiram Lodge out of the town because he was causing too much damage.