Kentucky Basketball in the Bahamas


Photo of Kentucky Wildcats Rupp Arena

Chris Hay, Staff Writer

Kentucky had been playing in the Bahamas a.k.a Big Blue Bahamas for about a week and destroyed the competition. In dominating fashion, the first three games were won by almost 50 points and the last game, won by 20. On August 10th, they dominated the Dominican Republic Select Team in a 108-56 win. On August 11th, they swept the Tec de Monterrey in a 102-40 win. On August 13th, Kentucky, just as they did to the Dominican Republic Select Team and the Tec de Monterrey teams, they destroyed Carleton University in a 118-56 win. On August 14th, Kentucky didn’t do as hot, as they played the Bahamas National Select Team with a 98-74 win.  


 I interviewed my mom for the Big Blue Bahamas. I asked “How do you feel about Kentucky’s off season?” My Mom’s response, “I think the off season is a great time for the boys to get back in shape. Second question, “What do you think Kentucky needs to do in order to win a national championship? My Mom’s response, “Get rid of Coach Cal.” A little controversial, but her opinion is her opinion. Last question- “Based on his play so far, do you think Oscar Tshibwe will be a National Player of the Year 2 years in a row?” My mom’s response, “ I think he’s a great player, so yes, I think he can get it for the second year in a row.” 


To sum things up, there was a lot to cover. Kentucky has a promising young team and a promising 2022,23’ season. I watched the highlights and Kentucky is doing excellent in ball control, passing, shooting, defense, and everything in the basics of basketball. I haven’t seen them bash each other if they make mistakes because there are a lot of mistakes they make on the court. They definitely are not a “perfect” basketball team, but if they are just a little bit better than last year, they will be a championship contender.