Queen Elizabeth II:‘Your Royal Highness’


Photo Of Queen Elizabeth II

Gabriela Gomez, Jr. Editor

Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Of England known for her moral support to the British people during WWII and her longevity (June 2nd, 1953). Many people look up to the queen as an individual who wants what’s best for her fellow citizens, causing it to be hard to think of the queen’s passing. 

Many predictions are being made on the causes along the line of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Predictions such as mental illness or even sickness could be the cause of her death as many people believe. The Royal Family has planned in advance certain criteria of what is going to happen on the day of the queen’s passing. When Queen Elizabeth II passes, the secret code ‘London Bridge Is Down’ will be communicated to England’s prime minister then transferred to government officials cautiously. After the Heads of State have been notified of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, they will then contact news media where millions of people including the United Kingdom’s citizens will be notified of the tragedy of Queen Elizabeth II. The following day after the passing, Charles will be proclaimed King at 11:00 am which will then lead to Camilla, his wife (Duchess OF Cornwall), Queen of England. Once Charles has become king, he will set out on a tour of the country signing off on final decisions for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. 

Once these final decisions are signed off by King Charles, the funeral will take place nine days after the queen’s death at Westminster Abbey, which will allow most people who live in England to have the day off of work. It is sought to be a very grand occasion, the queen’s coffin will have a false lid that will hold the crown jewels allowing one million people to see the funeral of the Queen, someone who supported and stayed alongside her fellow England citizens.