Outer Banks is an amazing series on Netflix


Stephanie Hall

John B, Kira, Pope, and J.J are in their boat around in the water/ march.

Breanna Hardin, Staff Writer

In my opinion, Outer Banks is an amazing series on Netflix. Outer Banks is about these two groups of teens, one known as the kooks and the other group is known as the pogues. The pogues group includes John B., Kiara, J.J., and pope. The kooks group includes Sarah, Topper, and Rafe. The pogues were great friends and they would die for one another on the other hand the Kooks were so caught up on being rich and not looking at the bigger picture. J.J. loved to carry a gun so if something happened to him or one of his friends he could protect them But it was more like him fantasizing about it. Pope was the good one out of the group he was always worried that what his friends dragged him into would make him lose his scholarship but at the end of the day he would give up everything for them. John B was a good and bad kid he would be bad when he needed to and he was good all the other times he was vulnerable when it came to his father Big John that was pronounced dead a few months after he set sail to find the rural murchant.

Kiara was also good and bad. She was good at times but when she got mad she was bad. She is a kook by blood but pogue by choice. Kiaras parents did not like that she hung out with pogues; they were so scared that she would get knocked up by one like her mother did. Kiara did not care what her parents thought she just knew that her friends were better friends then the kooks. J.J’s father did not really care about him, he cared about drinking and taking drugs. Sometimes he would be so high he would hit J.J. J.J’s friends did not like how his father treated him so John B let him stay with him. It was always the Pogues against the world. The Kooks were in separate friend groups they would keep secrets from one another and they would let one another down at times. Sarah eventually joined the Pogues and her ex boyfriend Topper got jealous because Sarah and John B had something going on. Sarah and John B eventually got together and Kiara did not like it because Sarah betrayed her before and did not want her to do the same to John B.  After a while Kiara was fine with John B and Sarah being together but Topper was still jealous he even pushed John B over a railing that was higher than 5 feet and John B broke his arm. Sarah’s father Ward Cameron took John B in because he was gonna go to foster care if someone did not take him in.

Ward Cameron was after the rural merchant treasure which was 100,000 pounds of gold and would get it at any cost. He let John B come live with him because he knew that John B’s father was after it because John B’s father and Ward Cameron were working together at one point to find the rural murchant. Ward got mad because John B’s dad did not want Ward in on it anymore so he made Big John, John B’s father trip and crack his skull and instead of helping him he threw him overboard but Big John made it to an island and wrote the next step for John B because he wanted him to continue what he started. John B and his friends eventually found the gold but it was not on the rural merchant It was in an old house, in the basement in a whale. John B took three bars of gold and was gonna come back for the rest of it but when he came back to get it Ward had already found and got it. John B and his friends then had to come up with a plan to get the gold back but it all went wrong. Ward was flying the gold to an island where he and his family had a vacation house but John B showed up because he was taking Sarah with him against her will so that she and John B could not be together. Eventually a sheriff named petercan showed up to arrest Ward for the murder of Big John then Rafe showed up and shot her, Ward blamed the murder on John B so that Rafe his son did not get put in jail. John B then became the talk of the island but the only ones that believed what he was saying were his friends and his girlfriend Sarah. 

John B knew that he could not stay on the island and the police after him so he had his friends to help him and Sarah get a boat to get off the island. The night they left the cops had boats in the water and saw them and was gonna get them but John B told Sarah “I would rather die than to be in jail” so they went towards the storm where the cops would not. The next day John B and Sarah woke up in the water because their boat had flipped and they saw another boat coming through and got a ride with them to a different island but before they got to the island the captain and his workers on the boat saw the reward of 10 grand to whoever turned in John B. John B and Sarah figured out what they knew so they broke the glass in the room that the captain put them in and escaped then when the captain came into the room he notices John B hopping off the boat and starts hunting for him. Luckily Sarah knew her way around the island because it’s the island her family’s vacation house is on. Meanwhile John B’s friends back home we’re working on trying to get his name cleared so that he could come back home. John B and Sarah eventually go back home after a few months and John B ends up going to jail but released soon after the other sheirf’s had the murder weapon that came back to be wards. Ward did not want to go to jail so he got on his boat and blew it up but it was his plan to make people think he was dead. He sends a letter through the mail to his wife saying that he was alive and they were gonna get their family back together. So she drugs Sarah and takes her and Sarah’s sister Weisy and Rafe to get on a ship and John B follows them and gets on the boat with all of his friends because what do they have to lose? They find out that Ward is still alive so they set a plan to get Sarah and a gold cross that belonged to the Pope’s family. They got Sarah but could not get the cross so they began to throw it in the ocean but Rafe pulled it back onto the ship. They get off the ship in the middle of the ocean and go around to get all of their friends that had already gotten off the ship and they go until they come to an abandoned island where none of them knew where it was.