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Georgia bulldogs softball players

Manuela Trujillo, Staff Writer

The Georgia Bulldogs softball is a D1 team. This year (2022) was their 26th year of softball. Over those 26 seasons the bulldogs carry a record of 117-509. They have two of their southeastern conference championships and one SEC (southeastern conference) softball tournament title, and they also have 20 NCAA (national collegiate athletic association) regional championships and also 11 super regional appearances.

However, over those years there has been some tough losses as your not expected to win every game, but some of those losses really effected them. When they played Duke in their 2022 season they unfortunately lost as duke had a score of 13-5. As the bulldogs saw their season coming to an end. The bulldogs had to do something better for a come back and especially for their bracket. This was their very serious game of the year because it was for NCAA regionals, but they didn’t win due to only scoring five points. As they saw that the team Duke was going to regionals they were very upset about it, because it could’ve been them, but that’s what motivated them to do better during their games and practice. Since they are a D1 team mostly everyone wants them win against duke, but that is not the case because duke is also a D1 team. 

As the bulldogs were practicing for a better year this upcoming season (2023) they have three new transfers Dallis Goodnight, Ally Kurland, and Shelby Walters. Their coach Tony Baldwin  said “ we are very thrilled to have Ally,Dallas,and Shelby to our team. We are very excited about what we have coming back along with the incoming freshman that will be joining us. As a program, we are always looking for opportunities to make our team stronger and those three women will do exactly that.”  Dallis Goodnight is from Alabama she was in 55 games and is 49th in center field she had 42 hits and scored 33 runs. Ally Kurland is from penn state she led penn state with 16 home runs and played in 168 games. Shelby Walters is from Cohutta,Ga she was cut short during her season due to a foot injury, but she was pitching 20 innings also before she got cut short she went 4-0 with a ERA in 36 innings. She also tossed Duke first ever no-hitter in a five inning game against NC Central on March fourth.