Bourbon County High School Football


Pictured above: Football students being announced at the first pep rally of the year, hosted by Pep Club.

Chris Hay, Staff Writer

Bourbon County Football hasn’t had the best start to say, but I can say that I have seen a lot of potential in this team. Even with the 0-2 record of this team, I saw what they can do during the pre-season games. This coming Friday, September 2nd, they will face off Harrison County for the first time this season. I am expecting them to pull off their first win of the season and hopefully a breath of fresh air for everyone in Bourbon County, especially for all the guys on the team. 

I interviewed two of the men on the team- Cam Santiago and Cam Goodwin. The first question I asked was: “What are the goals for this season?” Santiago responded with “Goal is definitely getting a ring since this is my last year. Me and the team work hard and we are just trying to get a state ring.” Goodwin responded with, “Goals are obviously a state championship or just make it through the first round of the playoffs.” Second question asked- “What does the team need to do in order to improve?” Santiago’s response- “ Definitely our team chemistry. Gotta be together, gotta be on the same page.” Goodwin’s response- “Personally, right now, focus on tackling, and we’re just coming as a whole right now, so it’ll take a couple of days.” 

 “What does the future hold for Bourbon County Football?” Santiago’s response- “I see a lot of potential in these guys. It’s all about hard work and grit, just being committed and dedicated to the grind. So, in order to be great, you need to do that.” Goodwin’s response- “It’s gonna be something special, I mean we got a big group of underclassmen that are coming up and the seniors are about to leave. So, we’ll be alright.”  

I am really excited to see what happens as the season progresses. The guys on the football team seem really excited for the future of this team and this season. As the team builds character and team chemistry, I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.