Bourbon County High School Softball Team Is Coming Back Tough


Miranda Sexton swinging during one of her games in the year 2021-2022

Avny Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Bourbon County High School Softball Team is getting ready to start off the season strong. They have a lot of goals this season and want to become better this year. They really want to beat GRC, after all of the problems that they faced last season with them. The Softball Girls this year are more mature than last seasons because there were more freshmans and Sophomores last season than Juniors and Seniors. This Season they are coming back stronger because the majority of the team are Juniors and Seniors and a bit of Freshmans and Sophmores, which can make a big impact on the team this year.

In 2021 they were district runners up. They have not won the championship yet, but they are looking forward to this season because they have what it takes to win and take home the championship. Although the season has not started yet, they are preparing and practicing a lot to become a better team. Their coach is more than excited for the season to start, knowing all of the great girls that he is going to have this coming season. The Softball coaches name is Alex Hardy. All of the girls in the team like him because he is really inspirational and has confidence in his girls which makes his players have confidence in themselves.

Lets see some facts about a girl that has played Softball most of her life. I interviewed a girl named Mirada Sexton. She is a senior in Bourbon County High school and plays Softball for the school and outside of school. I asked her some questions and the first question was, “How long have you been playing Softball for?” Miranda said, “I have been playing Softball since I was 4 years old.” The second question that I asked Miranda was, “What is your favorite position in Softball?” She said, “I have played multiple positions in Softball including 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Outfield, and Pitcher. Although my favorite position is 3rd base because this position is very fast and you have to be on your toes and always have to be ready.” The last question I asked Miranda was, “Why did you continue to play Softball?” Miranda answered, “I continued to play Softball because it is really fun. I have also met a lot of new other people and I have learned a lot of different life lessons. Playing Softball has molded me into the person I am today.” Miranda also plays Softball outside of school and plays for the Lady Katz which is her travel team. She currently has 2 rings from her travel team. In the season of 2021-2022 Miranda had the most home runs and the most doubles from her travel team as well. Miranda also mentioned, “My travel softball coach format Lady Katz is very good, helps give me the confidence I need, and believes in me which helps me a lot because that way I think positive and I know that he is going to be there for me when I need him. I also do like Coach Hardy because he is also really good and he has helped me get better with my swings which I’m proud of because I would not have the home runs that I have made in the past games. I really appreciate and thankful for being on both Softball teams because if it wasn’t for my 2 coaches that I have today I would not be where I am standing today.” 

Let’s hope that the Lady Softball Colonels have a great season this year and for them to meet all of the goals that they have. Hopefully they can win the championship this season and let’s support them when we can. They can only win with a positive mindset and there is no doubt about them not having that. These ladies are coming back really tough so watch out GRC and let’s make this a year not to forget. Let’s go Softball Ladies. LET’S GO COLONELS.