The Benefits of Art Programs in Schools

Cora Walters, Staff Writer

Art programs are just as important to students as sports teams, so why does it seem that these programs are being forgotten? Having extracurricular activities is a great way to stay connected to the school, but not everyone wants to play a sport. That’s where the art programs come in. Marching band, choir, art club, and school plays are all examples of extracurriculars that many students would like to be involved in. The arts consist of seven major forms of art: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, cinema, and theater. 

The seven major forms of art aren’t just hobbies to do on the side, but much more. Take literature for example. Literature consists of poetry, drama, prose, (my personal favorite) journalistic literature, and more. Students that truly enjoy literature can benefit from these beginner courses in schools to then become authors or journalists. You could pick any one of the types of art and discover good paying jobs that revolve around it. You could become a world-famous artist or a famous actor and still be able to do the things you love. 

Everyone has their own way of coping. For some, it would be to read a book or watch a movie, and for others, it would be to create a piece of art or write in a journal. Having these different types of art in the curriculum gives students a break from all their academic courses. Some students may have a bad day, but as soon as they walk into their favorite class whether it be choir or drama it could brighten their day. I know from firsthand that most of the time my most trusted adult is the art or English teacher.  This is because these teachers are able to connect with their students through the arts. The teacher makes a comfortable environment for the students to feel safe and be able to show their talents. 

Not only can art programs benefit students’ artistic ability, but also can benefit academic scores. states that there is a proven fact that students who take four years of arts and music classes score an average of over 150 points higher on the SAT than students who take only one-half year or less. Most students that are interested in the arts are more likely to have better grades as well as attendance. This is because these programs help students develop fine motor skills such as muscle development and hand-eye coordination. Not only does it help students develop such skills it also helps with exercising the brain and making students think creatively. 

The arts help with academics and with confidence. Being in these programs truly help students feel comfortable at school. Being able to share your tablets with other students that will actually listen and be interested in them is an incredible feeling. Feeling appreciated for what you choose to spend your free time on. Art programs have many benefits and should no longer be ignored.