Chainsaw Man’s Anime Adaptation


Tatsuki Fujimoto

Chainsaw man character, Makima.

Vicente Roque Lopez, Staff Writer

Chainsaw Man is a manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto and published by Shueisha. This story is about a 17-year-old named Denji; a destitute boy who lives with a devil-like dog named Pochita in a world where devils are created from human fears. The anime adaptation of the series follows Denji on his adventures to collect devil corpses. The manga came out in 2018 and continues to be an ongoing series that has sold over eleven million copies. An anime on its way that will be broadcast on October/11/2022 will be animated by MAPPA, they have already released three trailers that have over two million views.

This manga is one of my favorites because of the depth of the characters and the well-choreographed fighting. You see characters with weird and cool powers, and you get to see how the world works with devils and humans, what precautions the government implemented to prevent devils from harming humans.

One such process is the public devil hunter whose jobs are to kill devils that are threatening people. The people in the profession are usually contracted with or are somehow related to devils. These contracts/ relations grant the person an ability that is from the devil itself like Kon, another name for a fox devil. This devil allows you to summon a body part of it like the head or the paw with a hand jester. Another entity that works in the devil hunters are the Fiends, human corpses that are taken over by devils as their last resort to survive. The Fiends still have their powers when they were devils. One of the most interesting Feind is Power, a childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated character, only caring for her friends, with the ability to manipulate her blood into whatever she wants.

The manga is an amazing read with weird moments, fights, and tragedies. I would recommend the manga as well as the anime series to people who are accustomed to blood and other more mature subjects.