Senior Spotlight: Marcus Floyd


Sawyer Kehn, Staff Writer

Marcus Floyd has shown his incredible athleticism on multiple occasions, rather it be shutting out talented wide receivers, embarrassing the opposing wide receiver, or going all the way on special teams, Marcus has proved he can do it all. With his multitude of college offers this young star has proven that he is on the way to play division one college football, it’s highly likely that one day you’ll see him lining up against the game’s best wide receivers.


Marcus’ impressive athletic achievements such as a 4.5 40 time and 40 inch vertical have cemented him as a great athlete. Yet, with accolades like this we asked him how he thinks he could improve his game. He descibed to us, “I could be more vocal, talking to my teammates, and becoming a better leader.” Combining leadership with athleticism has proven to create elite athletes such as Tom Brady, Emmitt Smith, and Ray Lewis.


Marcus is on his way to play football in NCAA division I, so when asked what excites him most about playing college ball, Marcus exclaimed, “The competitiveness, building new friendships and starting a new family.” Under head coach David Jones, Marcus has learned to value his teammates as family. This is one of the many reasons Marcus excels. He went on to say, “My talent, my athleticism, and work ethic,” are among the other reasons why Marcus is such an elite athlete.


Marcus has proven that his athleticism, work ethic, pure talent, competitiveness, and commitment to his team have driven him to become one of the top athletes in the state of Kentucky, his future in college has already been carved and there is no doubt that his path to the NFL will soon be carved as well. Don’t be surprised if you see his name called in the spotlight of the NFL draft.