Who’s New at Bourbon County High School?

Brooke Harris, Business Manager / Staff Writer

     This year at Bourbon County High School is met by a plethora of new faces. Ten new teachers have joined us representing almost every department. Many new teachers have a perspective on teaching before they start, but starting a new year could bring a new perspective on everything. English teacher Whitney Williamson said, “ No, I do not have the same perspective as when I started because when I started, lots of members of my family had been teachers. So, I had an idea of what would go into it. When I originally thought I wanted to be an English teacher, it was more of ‘I like English and I like working with kids and teenagers so I think I can do teaching’. But it’s not just about teaching, it’s also about all the outside stuff. All the different responsibilities you have making sure that you are teaching the kids the best that you can, and trying to figure out how to do that. It’s a learning process, and I didn’t realize how much of a learning process it was until I started.” Another 1st year teacher said the opposite of Williamson, Gym teacher,Zachary Irvine, commented, “ Yes, I do have the same perspective as when I started because I felt like I was able to identify with the kids because I was close to the kids age. But at the same time, I guess it has changed a little bit because I have gotten older, but I like to know that I can relate better with the students.”

    Many new teachers have different methods for students in their classroom. Family Consumer Science teacher Katherine Blackard stated “Getting students involved can sometimes be a struggle, but I believe that using questioning techniques and showing videos helps to get all involved because they are based off of things everyone is interested in.”

If you see any of these new faces in the hallway take the time to introduce yourself and welcome them to Bourbon County High School.