Who is Andrew Tate?



A Photo of Andrew Tate

Denisse Lopez, Staff Writer

Andrew Tate is a 35-year-old male who was born on December 14, 1986, in Washington D.C. Tate, a former professional kick-boxer is a self-described success coach who gives “advice” on a website called Hustler’s University. This website has been shut down, but did gain over 100,000 subscribers while it was live. Tate posts extremely misogynistic posts and has said “women belong in a home, can’t drive, and are man’s physical and financial property”. People have dubbed him “the king of toxic masculinity”. He has been banned from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube due to all his controversial remarks. On one occasion, Tate commented on the #MeToo movement on Twitter where victims of sexual assault shared their stories, he said that rape victims “bear some responsibility” for putting themselves in a position to be assaulted. Tate himself has multiple sexual assault, abuse, and sex trafficking allegations against him and has said he moved to Romania because “the laws there against sexual assault are more relaxed”.

Earlier this year, Tate had his home raided as part of a human trafficking investigation when a woman reported being held at his house against her will. No arrests or charges were made but the investigation is still ongoing. On another occasion, Tate said that a man having multiple partners is acceptable but went on and said that it is not acceptable for a woman to have multiple partners. To back up this statement, he said “Read the Bible, every single man had multiple wives, not a single woman had multiple husbands. It’s against the will of God – it’s disgusting.” Most of Tate’s audience are male teenagers, which are concerning because he’s encouraging gendered hate and violence. A teacher posted on Reddit saying that boys in her class refuse to show respect to their female classmates and will not read any assignments where a woman is the author, which shows how easily influenced these boys are by what Tate says even though he no longer has a social media presence. In 2016, a video surfaced of Tate hitting a woman with a belt, which according to him was consensual, but it got him kicked off of the show “Big Brother.” His influence remains very prominent and there’s been a significant rise in men making sexist remarks and degrading women who truly believe women should be subservient to them and that they own them.