Lesly and Christian: The Class of 23’s Homecoming Royalty


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Lesly Lazaro and Christian Arnold crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

Sophia Prichard, Sr. Editor

In the bright lights of the Bourbon County Football Field, the Homecoming Court waits in anticipation. During halftime, the Class of 2023’s Homecoming King and Queen are announced, and the stands explode into cheers. The pair is seniors Lesly Lazaro and Christian Arnold, who smile brilliantly as their friends clap and exclaim their happiness with the victory.

Christian Arnold is a member of the boys’ soccer and football teams, who plans to continue his soccer career in college. When asked what he initially thought after being nominated, he said “I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to run. I was happy to even be nominated for Homecoming King and be able to be in the position to win.” According to Christian, one of the best parts of Homecoming to him was his friends, the same ones who nominated and voted for him. He also credits his girlfriend and Homecoming Queen, Lesly, as one of his favorite parts of winning. “Winning Homecoming king means a lot to me, because it shows that all my friends showed up for me and also voted for me. It also means that I have to represent and be a role model for the school.”


Lesly Lazaro is a member of Beta, Key, and Pep clubs, and is a soprano in the Bourbon County Choir. After graduation, she plans to major in Music and minor in Psychology and go on a summer trip to Mexico. According to Lesly, she initially considered not even running for Homecoming court. “I started thinking of what I had to do to prepare myself and definitely had thoughts of not going through it, but then I started thinking of what I could miss by not getting involved. I was told by my best friend to take every opportunity I get.” When asked what her favorite part of Homecoming was, she responded that it had to be, “My friends in the bleachers. Those are my people, my friends that are genuinely rooting for my success and plan to be there to watch me achieve it. We are definitely those nerdy, geeky teenagers that appreciate the little things in life. I love it.” She also credits Christian as one of her favorite parts of her Homecoming experience. To Lesly, winning Homecoming Queen means that being herself is enough, “People don’t realize being nice and treating people with respect goes such a long way. Don’t think of yourself more than others, because we’re all the same, trying to make it through life. With or without a crown I think we are all kings and queens at the end of the day!”