Fire Fighters Join Preschool for Safety Tips and Fun

Brooklynn Sheffield, Staff Writer

Bourbon County Preschool Head Start held a “Parent Workshop” on fire safety. The fire department visited the preschoolers on August 29, 2022 The Fire Department talked to the kids about fire safety. The children also got the opportunity for a “‘hands-on” experience with the equipment. Gina Bach from Bourbon County preschool has stated that “the reason we have our fire department come each year is to educate our parents on the importance of smoke detectors and car seats. Another important statement was made about hoping that kids would remember the things the firefighters had taught them about exiting safely, and not to be afraid if the firefighters are helping them get out of the home, school, or building just in general. She had stated that it was “important for children to become familiar with firefighters in uniforms and the sound of their oxygen masks.” The purpose of the fire department coming is more about entertaining the whole family instead of just children. The fire department has more of an emphasis on family safety. Some things happen here that truly impact preschoolers’ futures, like when Greensource of Kentucky Visits, teaching conservation, etc. I had asked Gina Bach how this would impact the children’s future, she stated that “ In an event of a fire, the kids’ instinct is to hide. We hope that because they have met firefighters, seen and heard how their equipment works and sounds, they will allow themselves to be rescued and/or remember things they were taught to safely escape.” I also asked her how the kids reacted to getting the opportunity for hands-on equipment, she had stated “ They love it when the Firefighters allow them to hand pieces of their equipment and learn what they are used for. They got to explore the cab of the fire engine and inside of the ambulance. The kids also got to see the EMTs demonstrate them putting Ms.Baker into the ambulance. The preschoolers also got to climb inside of the ambulance and get to see how she would be treated if she was an actual patient. There again, it’s more about making the preschoolers more comfortable and familiar with these emergency workers and their equipment just in case they may find themselves in a situation.