Bourbon County High School Girls Track Team has a Great Runner



Track Field

Avny Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Kayla Brainard is thought to be one of the best runners in the Bourbon County High School girls track team. Kayla has shown us that she can do it all. She placed first in regionals and third in state. That is a big accomplishment and she should be really proud of herself. She makes the Bourbon County High School Track Team look good. You want people like Kayla on your team to make you look good and for your team to be recognized.

Kayla Brainard has been running track since she was in sixth grade and every year she gets better and better. She has shown us how athletic she is and everything that she can do. Track is a sport that is played individually, which can be really good. It can be good because there are sports where you have to be a team and work as a team, and if one person isn’t doing their job right, then people can’t see the effort that you are putting into the sport you are playing. On the other hand, track isn’t like that, so all of your effort is going to be seen because you have no other person to bring you down or that is going to make you seem bad. That is why playing in a team is not always good. 

Kayla Brainard was interviewed and asked questions about how enjoyable track is for her. She explained that, “It felt awesome; it was a great accomplishment.” Who would not feel great after coming in FIRST in REGIONALS? Being asked if she thinks it would be possible to come in first, she exclaimed  “Yes, I have been working hard over the summer, so that I can perform better this year.” Kayla is getting ready for people to see her run and for her to shine out there on the track. She told us her first thoughts on track and why she joined; “It looked so fun and I thought that if I joined it would be a good experience and now that I am on the team I do not regret it because it is really fun.” The last and final question was, “Do you see yourself running track in the future?” and Kayla said, “Yes, I do see myself running track in the future and I plan on running track in college.” 

 Kayla has many goals for the future and she is going to become a good world athlete. Everybody is so proud of her and we all can’t wait to see how she does this coming season. Thank you Kayla for making the Bourbon County High School track team look good and for your time. Let’s all cheer for Kayla and we all know that she can do it. Go Kayla!!