NBA Media Day in a Nutshell


Sports Illustrated

Jimmy Butler and his insane new look.

Chris Hay, Staff Writer

NBA Media Day was on Monday, September 26th, and it was entertaining to watch, according to the media. Kevin Durant stated “I don’t feel like I’ve gotta prove anything to Nets fans after three years.” Meanwhile, he’s played there for three years and led the Nets to being 0-4 against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs last year. 

Jimmy Butler spoke about his new look saying, “I’m just messing with stuff to make the internet mad. That was my goal this summer and it worked.” Fans say it’s worse than Tyler Herro getting braids. 

Travis Earlywine spoke his opinions about media day saying, “Well, I heard that Pascal Siakam said that he was going to be a top five player in the NBA this season. And I’m definitely calling cap on that, because there’s no shot that he’s going to be top 5. He might be top 5 on his team, but certainly not top five in the whole NBA. So, cap on that.” He then shared his thoughts on Butlers ‘new look,’ “I saw his new look and saw that he said he’s just trying to get people to talk. I actually like it. I think that when dudes have their hair like that in dreads and stuff and braids, I think it looks cool. He doesn’t look like Jango anymore.” Earlywine concluded the interview by telling us ideas on the NBA MVP of this year,  “I would probably go with Steph Curry. I mean I’m a Celtics fan, but I mean nobody’s proven to me yet that they are going to outdo Steph Curry.” 

Charles Baldwin spoke his ideas as well. “You know Steve Nash was a little bit disingenuous when he was talking about the situation with Kevin Durant. Because Kevin Durant, you know, it was an open secret, that he hated his coach, and that he wanted his coach to be replaced. And basically, I don’t know what else Steve Nash could’ve done, but everyone knew that what he said was just complete garbage. But, you know, he’s in an unattainable situation. He’s got to have a positive relationship with his best player. So, even though his best player said my coach is terrible, the coach just kinda has to go about his business, but sometimes as a coach, you just can’t tell us the truth and that’s kinda the way it goes.”  He agreed with Earlywine, in saying Jimmy Butler’s new hair was incredible and that it’s nice the player feels comfortable being himself, no matter what fans say. 

To sum things up, there were a lot of things said that sound crazy to many fans. Especially when Pascal Siakam said he was going to be a top five player in the NBA. He’s not even the best player on his own team. Jimmy Butler fooling with the media is just very entertaining. So, Media Day was exciting, but this upcoming NBA Season is going to be incredible.