Foreign Exchange Spotlight


Julianna Rigsby, Alumni News Editor

    Most seventeen- year-old students live a very normal life.  Imagine picking up your whole life and moving to the other side of the world, without your family, or your closest friends.  For senior, Hannah Ruud, this is her new reality. Ruud is a part of the foreign exchange program and has come to America from Norway.

     According to Hannah,  the biggest difference between her life in Norway and her new life in America is, “The school is so much bigger here and I have seen so many new types of personalities in America than I am not used to.”  As you can imagine, people act different in different cultures. Ruud says this was something she had to get used to here.

    Ruud’s host family is the Cox family; her host sister is Catherine Cox.  Cox describes her first year hosting as enjoyable, Cox commented, “I’ve gotten to be really good friends with her.  We have already made awesome and hilarious memories.”

    When asked about learning more about Norwegian culture, Catherine said, “Hannah and I have shared things with each other like memes and different foods.”

    Ruud has joined Pop and Y-clubs at BCHS, as well as cross country.  She says football games have been her favorite to attend here.

    “I miss my family and friends, the air feels different here when I run cross country, but so far I have loved living in America.”