Lexington’s Scarefest Brings Horror Fans Together.



A picture of Lexington’s Scarefest festival. (2022)

Sawyer Kehn, Staff Writer

Every year around Halloween, everyone tunes their TV’s into channels like Stars and AMC to watch the horror classics like “Halloween”, “Friday the Thirteenth”, “Scream”, “The Shining”, and “Nightmare on Elm Street”. It doesn’t matter how much of a fan you are of the horror genre, Lexington’s scarefest appeals to all of them.

Scarefest has been going on for fourteen years, bringing in big names such as Bruce Campbell who is known for playing Ashly J. Williams, a young man turned into humanity’s savior in the “Evil Dead” Franchise. This year they are bringing in their biggest guests; Kane Hodder and Robert Englund. Hodder is known for playing the infamous Jason in “Friday The 13th” parts seven through ten. Robert Englund is well known for playing Freddy in all “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies minus the 2010 remake. These horror legends will be at the convention all three days, October twenty first through the twenty third.

Convention go-ers are horror fans that range from only having seen one movie to extreme fans. “I came to see Kane Hodder.” while another convention go-er came to see “All of the cosplays, so that I can get inspiration for my next one.”

It doesn’t matter how much of a horror fan you are, everyone has a favorite scary movie. When asked, convention go-ers said “Scream” as well as “Halloween” and ”Coraline.”

Fellow writer for the page, Nikolai Burchell, also attended the convention. When asked what was your favorite part of the convention, he said “I like seeing all the art.”. When asked what his favorite scary movie is, he said “Alien, because of the sci-fi elements, the acting, the pioneering aspect of the movie for early horror, and the phenomenal practical effects.”

Horror fans of all kinds attended the convention, and most enjoyed it. It comes back every year and who knows, maybe next year, even you will attend.