Tips On Staying Safe During Halloween


Barry Chin/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Halloween candy being handed out by an unknown person.

Alyssa Sanders, Jr. Editor

Halloween is one of the most exciting times, with little kids getting candy, different costumes everywhere, and so many other things that make it enjoyable. But we also must prevent forgetting that we should take precautions on Halloween to ensure safety. Everyone needs to be careful so that children can enjoy Halloween like they once did without casualties. 

To ensure the safety of their children, parents need to go the extra step to check that their kids don’t consume something harmful to them. There has been a history of people putting contaminated candy in baskets. Parents should tell their kids (s) to wait to eat candy until they arrive home. Parents should check the Halloween baskets for candy that doesn’t have commercial wrapping, candy that looks like it has been tampered with (pinholes, tears, or discoloration), and fruit or non-candy items that could have something harmful inside of them. These are all precautions to ensure that children don’t only have a memorable Halloween but also a safe one.

People who hand out candy should take precautions to ensure that kids are safe. Decorations that blend into the yard can cause problems as kids walk up the yard to get candy. Take precautions and seek that there are no decorations that could cause a kid to trip and hurt themselves, especially on concrete. This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t have yard decorations, setting up lights can help trick-or-treaters to be aware that they are there so that they avoid damaging the decorations or themselves. Also, make sure you check for the same things that parents should do when buying candy. Taking these extra steps may seem ridiculous, but it ensures safety. 

Lastly, people who are driving on Halloween night should take extra precautions. When it is that dark outside, many kids are wearing costumes. Costumes can make someone completely unrecognizable, which means little kids possibly get hit. You have to drive very carefully, especially when going through neighborhoods. You never know when kids will run into the street and put themselves in danger without even knowing. Because of this, it is in the hands of the drivers to be cautious when driving this Halloween.

Many of these precautions may seem ridiculous, like taking those extra steps are unnecessary. But these precautions can prevent disasters and could even save lives.