‘Feeling The Heat’; Global Warming and Climate Change


A depiction of impacts of climate change across the globe

Gabriela Gomez, Jr. Editor

Global tempature is rising, the ocean is getting warmer, the ice sheets are shrinking, glaciers are retreating, snow cover is decreasing, sea levels are rising, and arctic sea ice is declining. Most of us don’t understand why climate change is happening or even how it’s happening, but people in the world today are the reason climate change has gone downhill in the past years. Since the mid-20th century, there have been changes observed in the earth’s climate driven by human activities such as fossil fuel burning which traps greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere causing the earth’s surface temperature to increase. 

Situations such as melting glaciers and cutting down forests are the biggest causes of climate change in the world today. Due to hotter temperatures in the atmosphere, this is the main reason leading to forest fires and even heat-related injuries such as heat stroke. More severe storms occur when there are changes in temperatures that can cause an outburst of hazardous floods, destroying homes and communities, and leading to the cost of thousands of dollars. When an upheaval amount of these disasters occur it affects species all around the world, one being species that currently live in Antarctica, such as polar bears. Global warming has affected these areas in a horrendous way such as melting glaciers. This can be dangerous in many ways to the species living in this current area causing many situations such as drowning, these animals struggle by not being able to walk around due to the ice melting leaving water around all areas. 

To stop situations having to do with Global Warming and Climate Change there are many ways we can reduce the number of gasses in the air or the increase in hot temperatures. This includes ways such as replacing one regular lightbulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb which will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Another way can be recycling more which can lead to less landfill reducing the amount of carbon dioxide gasses and greenhouse gasses. Global warming has been caused drastic changes all around the world.