Coca-Cola: Save Money and Spend Less


George Frey

Coca-Cola has created a new strategy for customers to use efficient spending when purchasing the varities of cans and bottles

Gabriela Gomez, Jr. Editor

Coca-Cola has shocked us with many new concepts in the past, expanding many strategies for better marketing such as “Share A Coke” which was a campaign that created a more personal relationship with consumers and inspired shared moments of happiness. 

This year, 2022, Coca-Cola has expanded its ideas in order for customers to have the opportunity to spend less on coke products. Coca-Cola has always focused on releasing new flavors and immersive online experiences but this year, their plan is set to release new varieties of cans and bottles in order to allow their customers to have more options and to have the opportunity to even spend less money than they usually spend on Coke products. Coca-Cola gets its popularity from two main factors, taste and marketing which have been the main reasons why they release more and more varieties of Coke in order to create good relationships with their customers. They strive to make their brand the best, spending over half a billion dollars on marketing and 3.5 billion globally making it the most popular carbonated soft drink on the market. Their way of offering smaller packaging and fewer containers will lessen the worries of customers who have to spend more as prices start to increase, globally. Coca-Cola wishes to offer these opportunities more and more to its customers as its pricing and innovation strategy appears to be working. These ideas have had the company’s net revenues jump from 10% to $1.1 billion according to CNN. 

Coca-Cola has varieties of packaging in the market such as smaller containers and multi-packs with fewer cans but during this year, Coke has introduced more and more varieties in order to ‘help retain and recruit more customers while creating value for customers that consume Coca-Cola.’ Strategies such as these are new ways to recruit more customers which could help offset the impact of higher prices on consumers.