Lexington Gun Shop Being Sued For Illinois Shooting


City of Highland Park Police Department

Robert “Bobby” E, The shooter of Highland Park’s Fourth of July parade.

Breanna Rison , Staff Writer

“It’s been just over three weeks since the shooting at Highland Park’s Fourth of July parade that paralyzed the young boy from the waist down after a bullet severed his spine.”  This statement was posted in the article “I’m heartbroken and sad’: Mom of boy paralyzed in parade shooting speaks publicly for 1st time.”  July 4th, 2022  Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo II started shooting at 10 am central time, at Highland Park, Illinois. “The gun was a “high-powered rifle” and the attack appeared to be “random” and “intentional,” Covelli said. That was stated in the article “Suspect in connection with a mass shooting at July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois, has been taken into custody”. The real question is: where did he get this high-power rifle anyway? 

  A Lexington gun shop has been sued by a victim of the Illinois mass shooting back in July.  Seven people were killed and more than 30 were injured because of Robert. “Keely and Jason Roberts filed the lawsuit in Lake County Circuit Court in Illinois on Tuesday. The lawsuit says Keely Roberts was shot and her son was paralyzed by a bullet.” stated in lawsuit claims the Lexington-based gun shop illegally shipped firearms to the mass shooter in Illinois. Bud’s Gun Shop is one of the few gun shops being sued for selling and shipping these guns to people like Robert. According to the court documents, the lawsuit argues that Bud’s Gun Shop sold an assault rifle to the alleged shooter even though it is illegal for people who live in Highland Park, Illinois to acquire and possess assault weapons.” Moreover, Bud’s Gun Shop shipped the gun to Red Dot Arms, a gun dealer located in Illinois, which transferred the assault rifle to the alleged shooter. The lawsuit claims both companies knew where Crimo, the alleged shooter, lived and knew they were selling an assault rifle to him despite it being illegal to possess one in the area. This goes to show that someone from Illinois can receive a gun from anywhere in the nation relatively easily without a background check, which begs the question how can we prevent this from happening. Is it this easy for a criminal to get a gun also?