Steve Nash fired from Brooklyn


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Steve Nash furious after bad call from the Refs.

Christopher Hay, Staff Writer

Steve Nash, head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, was fired Tuesday, November 1st, 2022. It was a shock to fans, especially fans that say he wasn’t the problem for the Nets’ terrible 2-5 start.  ESPN states, “Nets’  general manager, Sean Marks said that both he and Nash thought this was the right time to make a move, and acknowledged that the pair would be made sooner rather than later-especially after Brooklyn struggled to a 2-5 start under Nash. At least both parties felt like it was time to cut ties, but before a game against the Bulls, it was kind of shocking. 

After he was fired, Steve Nash stated, “A very heartfelt thanks to Joe and Clara Tsai along with Sean Marks for giving me the opportunity to coach the Brooklyn Nets. It was an amazing experience with many challenges that I’m incredibly grateful for.” Also, in that same statement, Steve continues by stating, “I’m especially grateful to my coaching staff and video room who are a talented group with so much character and professionalism.” 

I interviewed Jylen Crespo about the situation. The first question I asked was, “Did the Brooklyn Nets handle the situation fairly?” Jylen said, “I think the Nets handled the situation well. Even though Steve Nash is a Basketball icon, it doesn’t mean he’s a good coach. The second question I asked was, “Did Steve Nash handle the situation fairly?” Jylen said, “Steve Nash handled his firing really well. He was a professional, thanked the staff and players and he showed support for the team for being a part of it for a while . “The final question I asked was, “Is this the rise or downfall for the Brooklyn Nets?”  Jylen said, “I think this is both a down and a rise for the Nets. Because, it allows the Nets to try new things and strategies. It’s a downside because Steve Nash knows the game and can train point guards to be great. I think he should have been a coach for point guards on the Nets and keep his job as well.”   

Steve Nash getting fired could be one of the greatest things the Brooklyn Nets have done since acquiring Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Is it shocking? For sure. Is it going to be good for the Nets organization? Absolutely. Is it good for Steve Nash? Yes and no. Yes, where he is out of a toxic working environment. No, where he lost his job. With that, Steve Nash getting fired could be a win or a loss, only time will tell.