Top 5 2022 Celebrity Costumes


Getty Images

A photo of Heidi Klums Halloween costume (2022)

Alyssa Sanders, Editor

This Halloween, millionaire celebrities put in all of their efforts, or none, to put together their Halloween costumes. Some put on a predictable and expensive costume year after year. But a few have hit the nail on the head in 2022 with outstanding costumes that are unique, eye-catching, and jaw-dropping. Those few I have ranked from good to the star of the show.

The fifth-ranked celebrity costume is Kendall Jenner as Jessie, a cowgirl character from the movie “Toy Story”. Kendall rocked this look and even made it trendy with her cheeky chaps. This costume wasn’t something that surprised anyone; however, it was somewhat different, cute, and popular. 

The fourth best celebrity costume is Cardi B as Marge Simpson, from the tv series “The Simpsons”. Cardi B took her take on the character. She made the character into her own and made marge look alluring and modern. Her photos on Instagram were spot-on and got the attention of social media. 

The Third is Lizzo as Marge Simpson, from the tv series “The Simpsons.” Lizzo was fully dedicated to this look and went entirely yellow, along with a spot-on outfit and wig. She also made hilarious TikToks with the costume on and posted the photo shoot on Instagram. The media loved her take on Marge, whereas other celebrities chose to make a more modern version of characters, and Lizzo stuck to the comical aspect. 

The second best celebrity costume is Kylie Jenner as the Bride of Frankenstein, the wife of the well-known Halloween character Frankenstein. Kylie went all out and had the tall black and white wig, the wrapped white dress, and even the laboratory. Her photos on Instagram were in black and white and she nailed the classic poses of an unalive bride. Kylie went the extra step and the pictures were all over social media, many even claimed that she is the Kardashian/Jenner that does Halloween best. 

The best Halloween celebrity costume of 2022 was Heidi Klum as a worm. A worm not from any famous movie or crazy story, just a worm held on a hook by a sailor. Heidi has been known for going all out every Halloween and this year she continued that tradition. Her costume took more than 10 hours to put on and was unrecognizable. Everyone was astonished at how she got herself to look completely different. Heidi Klum outdid everyone who stuck with something cute, trendy, and modern and did something unique as she always does. The queen of Halloween has done it again.