Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)



The poster for the Avatar sequel, Avatar: Way of Water

Nevaeh Gonzalez, Jr. Editor

The Titanic’s director, James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar was a home run and the long-awaited promised sequel has left fans on their toes in excitement. Avatar the Way of Water comes out December 17, 2022, and is the second movie of the three forthcoming films for the sequel. Trailers for the film have introduced that the set will be shot with lots of underwater features and scenes. The 13-year wait mainly revolved around the money struggle for the props and sets, but majorly the underwater cinematography. The movie has the returning cast playing their former roles and even new characters that help the Na’vi.

The budget for the film has hit the news and it’s been announced that The Way the Water is reportedly the most expensive movie in cinematic history with a cost of between 350 million to 400 million dollars in USD. James Cameron mentioned that the movie was really expensive and a new report uncovered the massively costly budget. The sequel took over a decade to release because of the multiple setbacks that the set experienced. However, James revealed that if Avatar 2 happens to underperform, then he plans to finish the story in Avatar 3 and not continue the 5 film sequel that he had planned. 

The cast that played in the first movie is returning to play their leading roles from the first. Zoe Saldaña and Sam Worthington played Neytiri and Jake Sully. The Way of Water will take you back to Pandora and will be sure to visually please your eyes. In the new movie, the two create a family and have five kids, three of their own and two that they adopted. The family battles off the new threat to Pandora, seeking help from other Na’vi tribes for help and even using the ocean for support. The 3½ hour long film will bring back the beauty and adventure of Pandora and is worth the watch.