Climate Change and Doomsday Intertwined

Image of Earth being destroyed, recently made by The Print.

The Print

Image of Earth being destroyed, recently made by The Print.

Taylor Koch, Editor

The world population has officially hit eight billion people. The honorable baby of the Dominican Republic has now changed our world, for better or worse. Leading up to the day, numerous reports reflected upon the last decade, and how Earth has gained a billion new people since 2011, which makes for an undesirable amount. For every population gain, the more resources are being used up, which means we have less every year. What started off as a campaign for increased global warming has now grown into worries about harmful environmental changes (pollution, species extinction, & losses of freshwater), decreasing fertility rates, and even a depletion of natural resources. Scientists warn if humans continue to destroy the planet by doing things like chopping down forests and burning fossil fuels, the final days of the world could arrive sooner rather than later. 

Global warming’s number one cause is generating power. Burning large amounts of fossil fuels to make electricity produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. These gasses are then released into the atmosphere, and are trapped underneath the Earth’s surface. However, by taking advantage of them every day, life on Earth is in danger. This widespread use of electricity is releasing said gasses rapidly, causing the Earth to be warmer and warmer. Every decade, our planet’s temperature increases by 0.14 degrees fahrenheit. Though it doesn’t seem like a lot, this is twice the rate as it was in 1981.  

Science and biology teacher, Brian Lawcock, explains what we can do to restore a healthier-looking Earth. He says, “We need to be more aware of the consciences of our actions in regards to environmental impact and public health. Our industrial endeavors are increasingly global in their reach and are affecting more and more people, many of which are powerless to do anything about it.” Refusing to recycle, taking public transportation several times a day, and adding to the problem of polluting are just some of the ways beloved Mother Earth is dying. Scientists conclude that if humans continue these daily occurrences, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Oregon, part of California, and southern New Jersey will be some of the states underwater by 2050. In order to determine more promising time on Earth, humans have to accept what’s coming, before anything can be fixed, because right now, the world is expected to end in about 1000 years.

Global warming: Climate is warming faster than it has in the last 2,000 years
Both cooling and warming rates on Earth in the past hundreds of years.


If people are scared of endangering themselves, and bringing the last day on Earth closer, something needs to be done. Hundreds of protests, scientists, and activists have preached that global warming is REAL. “This is a phenomenon that will affect us all eventually if we do nothing to stop it, so not being aware of the problem will only make the consequences worse. It will take all of us doing our part to avoid the worst of what could happen.” Lawcock continues. He believes humanity has the possibility to do something, but it’s if they want to that matters. “It will take all of us buying into the solutions and dealing with all the various difficulties climate change presents.” A dangerous “monumental disaster” is ahead of all of us, “but if we join together as a species we can save our home and make it an even better place for all of us to live and thrive.” 

Facts spread across the world, yet, some argue climate change isn’t real. Whether out of certain beliefs, or an overall dislike for the topic, it will always be important to talk about, especially for the sake of younger generations. It’s a frightening, and large scale topic which is why some refuse to discuss it. Psychologists previously stated, “climate change is a scary idea to understand, and people use denial as a defense mechanism.” 

The hope is still on that we will be able to protect Earth. If you want to help, go to the link below to find the best climate change charities. Other ways to help without spending money is to recycle, spend more time walking and less time in a vehicle, and even eating vegetables (growing plants uses fewer greenhouse gasses). Even completing the smallest tasks could be key to restoring the planet.