Bourbon County Schools Break into the New Year



Kayla Brainard, Staff Writer

Bourbon County Schools are back in action for the new year! At Bourbon County High School, Priscilla Holzhause is the second state officer for FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) that was elected to that position in over 50 years! Prior to her being a representative at the state office, she was a regional officer as well. Priscilla Holzhause is a senior and is currently serving as the Bourbon County High School FCCLA President and the Kentucky State Vice President of Parliamentary Law. 

FCCLA is a student led organization to help grow yourself as a leader for your family, career, and community. Priscilla states that “FCCLA has shaped her into a better person and leader.” She’s had many opportunities to see how much FCCLA has an impact on the members, officers, and advisors. Throughout her four years participating in this organization, she has been provided with the opportunity to compete in STAR Events, which is a competitive event. Moreover, this event hosts students to compete in the regional, state and national levels. Priscilla also recently competed in the Skills Demonstration Event at the National Fall Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Way to go, Priscilla! 

Another development in Bourbon County Schools for the new year is the $7000 donation from The Kiwanis Club, Hunt Brothers Pizza, and Dan Cummins to help revamp the North Middletown Elementary School library and gym equipment. They are so excited about the donation and are grateful for the opportunity to upgrade these items for their students. 

Finally, in relation to reading, Ms. Rachel Patton from the Bluegrass Greensource taught the Bourbon County Preschool Head Start students about woodland creatures. The Bluegrass Greensource engages young, preschool-aged learners as they discover the natural world around them. Nature is proven to positively impact children’s cognitive, physical, social, and psychological development. These nature-based resources and activities aim to engage students and families. Rachel Patton read Over and Under the Pond and had many hands-on examples of the different species we might find here in Kentucky. All this to show that learning does not just happen in the classroom–it happens everywhere and all the time! Here’s to another year of accomplishments and excitement in the Bourbon County School district.