Increased Crime Rates Within Colleges In Kentucky

Colleges all around Kentucky have had to take extra precautions due to increased crime rates on campus

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Colleges all around Kentucky have had to take extra precautions due to increased crime rates on campus

Gabriela Gomez, Jr. Editor

The state of Kentucky has seen an increase in college crime rates worldwide. All Kentucky college students now face a serious issue as a result of this. Colleges like EKU (Eastern Kentucky University), UK (University of Kentucky), NKU (Northern Kentucky University), MSU (Morehead State University), KSU (Kentucky State University), MSU (Murray State University), UofL (University of Louisville), and WKU are frequently the scene of problems (Western State University). 

The University of Kentucky, the largest university in the state of Kentucky, located in Lexington, encountered a significant number of incidents in a variety of categories in 2019. Total significant criminal incidents were ninety-six, total possession arrests were one hundred and fifteen, overall violent acts against women were eighty-seven, and total disciplinary incidents were nine hundred and eight in number. 

Located in Richmond with campuses in Corbin, Hazard, Lancaster, and Manchester, Eastern Kentucky University experienced a number of incidents in the year 2017 including fourteen assault cases (on-campus), two fondling cases (on-campus), one robbery case (on-campus) and one case (off-campus), thirty-one burglary cases (on-campus) and one case (off-campus), and seven motor vehicle theft cases (on-campus). 

The Highland Heights-based Northern Kentucky University reported a number of incidents in 2017, including fifteen instances of on-campus assault, two instances of fondling, one case of robbery, one case of motor vehicle theft, and one instance of arson (on-campus). Similar incidents occurred at Morehead State University (MSU), which is located in Morehead. There were thirteen assault cases (on campus) and three burglary cases there (on-campus). 

Due to instances that have happened on Kentucky college campuses, many students are reluctant to walk alone on campus. On college campuses, there will be more police presence and extra measures. Colleges may prevent these crime rates from rising on campus by maintaining a constant state of alertness and ensuring that students are walking with a friend late at night.