Body Positivity on Social Media Platforms


Cora Walters

There are many different body types in the world, and they are all being represented in the media.

Cora Walters, Staff Writer

The media’s view of the perfect body type has been set in stone for the longest time. You have to be a size zero, have clear skin, perfect hair, and wear the right clothes. Many women have gained insecurities due to these standards that the media has constructed. That is why many individuals have decided that it is time for a change. These people are using social media platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok, to encourage everyone that it’s okay for you to not be a size zero. Thanks to these new leaders, views on body positivity are changing.

Scrolling on your media feed and seeing someone that has the same body type as you, while being proud of it, is encouraging. Being able to share with the world the issues they faced and how they conquered them takes courage. These short videos and posts are able to inspire individuals to be proud and happy with themselves. Many small business owners use social media to help reach audiences of all different sizes. Many clothing websites struggle to provide clothing that is made to fit bigger women. For example, Shein is an online store that sells cute and trendy clothing for a cheaper price. Unfortunately, many have seen issues regarding bigger-sized clothing from the store. That is why many small business owners use social media. They are able to show off their product while showing they have sizes for everyone.  

We’re all aware of the stereotype that the modeling industry has put out to the world. Before times were changing every model essentially looked the same. Social media led to new diversity in the modeling industry. Not only has it brought attention to normal bodies, but also different skin tones, races, and medical conditions. For example, Canadian model Winnie Harlow has the skin condition Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition of the lack of a pigment called melanin in the skin. She became very famous for this, so she became a spokesperson on the matter. With this assortment of models, many will start to look at themselves in a positive light. 

Many women have struggled with body insecurities. They haven’t felt like they were represented in the media. The social media community has brought recognition to the fact that not everyone is perfect, but we’re all beautiful in our own way.