Stranded Hikers in Tennessee


Helper’s in the helicopter

Manuela Trujillo, Staff Writer

The early morning of New Years Eve was eventful for hikers and for the Tennessee national guard. Shortly after 5:15 a.m. on New Year’s Eve, the Tennessee Military Department and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency were notified of two hikers needing assistance in the Sampson Mountain Wilderness Area, south of Johnson City. The rescue helicopter had two pilots, one was a crew chief and two flight paramedics. After the sheriff’s office got the hikers to safety they informed people that they had only suffered from minor injuries and had no deep wounds. 

Hiking can be dangerous because when night falls you can’t see very well, they should have waited to hike later on that day, so that they could see where they were going and not make any wrong turns or get lost. The sheriff’s office informed others to not hike when the conditions are severe. They also stated that you shouldn’t hike in the dark because it could have serious consequences. 

When hiking it’s important to let others know where you’re going and when you’re going to be back, and what to do when you go missing. If you get lost or stranded you need to make sure that the weather isn’t going to get bad while you’re trying to find a way back and also have food and water with you and something to protect yourself if you’re in danger. 

Usually, when people hike they have a plan if anything were to happen they would know what to do. First, you want to map out the trail before you go there, then pack a bag of essentials like food,water, extra clothes,shoes, phone chargers, ect. And always make sure you have someone with you or go with a group of people and never go alone. Hiking alone could lead to many dangers ahead.