Rick and Morty Co-star Justin Roiland Faces Domestic Abuse Charges


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Justin Roilands speaking about his behalf of the story on his allegations.

Brooklynn Sheffield, Staff Writer

Animator, voice actor, writer, producer, and director Justin Roiland is popular throughout the country. Most familiar for his Rick and Morty character, Roiland helped make a popular tv show that has continued for years. On January 12, news broke that Roliand had been charged in 2020 with one count of domestic abuse with corporal injury and one count of wrongful detention by compulsion, force, and deception. Since Roiland was granted a $50,000 bond in 2020, the case has gone through a number of hearings. Last Thursday, Roiland entered a not-guilty plea, and quoted that the media coverage of the chargers was “inaccurate”. 

The show isn’t nearly halfway through the 70-marked episode order that the channel commissioned in 2018. Rick and Morty distributor, Adult Swim, has yet to respond to the report. Koala Man and Solar Opposites are both produced by Disney’s 20th Television Animation; Roiland also has a general contract with the company. Former supporters of Roiland have accused him of acting in a predatory manner. The person (name not revealed) who was harassed was only a teenager when messages containing racial epithets from Roiland were exposed. A protective order filed in October 2020, has now banned Roiland from harassing, threatening, or monitoring the person listed in the order, who is unknown to NBC News. The injunction also required Roiland to surrender any firearms he had or had in his possession, and states that Roiland cannot approach the subject closer than 100 feet.  The order is valid until October 2023. 

 “We look forward to clearing Justin’s name and assisting him in moving forward as quickly as possible. In order to advance, Roiland created a video game through his studio, Squanch Games, called “High On Life,” which he released in 2022. The week after its debut, it rose to the position of number one on Steam and fourth on Xbox. Attorney T. Edward Welbourn stated. More to come on his next trial on April 27, 2023.