Outer Banks Season Three Might Be The Last?


Quinci Legardye

This photo was taken the abandoned island that Kiara, Pope, Cleo, J.J, and John B. ( the pouges) ended up on at the ead of season two.

Breanna Hardin, Staff Writer

Outer Banks season three might be the last in this hit series. According to Netflix, Outer Banks season three is due to come out on February 23, 2023. The trailer on Netflix shows a little about what the new season is going to be about, with John B likely going to reunite with his father, Big John. Fans hope for the best for the Pogue’s, or the main characters, to get off the abandoned island and get back to Outer Banks where they live, where their families are, while also hoping that Ward Cameron gets caught for the many murders that he had committed. 

In Outer Banks season three, fans believe Pope & Cleo and Kiara & J.J. might end up together. In Outer Banks season two the Pogue’s were on the hunt for the gold and cross that they lost to Ward and Rafe Cameron. 

“This isn’t over.” The line from the end of episode ten season two left much to be expected, and even more left as a mystery. If the Pogue’s get off the abandoned island and go back to Outer Banks, there is a chance that Kiara will get sent off to boarding school so that she won’t be around her friends anymore. Kiara’s parents think that the rest of the Pogue’s are a bad influence on her, so they threatened her before she went with her friend to get back what’s theirs. J. J’s father won’t care because J.J helped him get away, so he left the island to go to another one down the coast. John B’s father is dead/ missing for all that he knows so he will be okay when he gets back to the island. On the other hand, there is Pope, Pope’s father will be disappointed in him and will probably make him do a little bit more work but other than that he should be just fine.