Can Heartland Be Categorized An Educational Series?


Photo by: Cindy McLennan

Breanna Hardin, Staff Writer

Heartland (2007) is about a character named Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall), who is great with horses. So much so that the townspeople would call her a horse whisperer. After someone posts a video that went viral of her calming a horse down after a car wreck on the highway, her ranch, Heartland, was overrun by business.

The series is also about rodeo, love, and family. It’s a great series, based off a book series written by Lauren Brooke. Heartland is an educational series for people who deal with horses. It gives very good medicine remedies and great training methods. It also shows family drama and that no matter what family always sticks together. Heartland is a series with a variety of information that some people could use for if they have an AG class you have to have an SAE which could have something to do with ranching/ farming, the show could help provide the information that would possibly need. Not just anyone could use the information that the series could provide.

When you watch Heartland for the first time you gain a lot of knowledge about horses and farming in general. The viewer would probably not think that you could gain any knowledge at all, but you can if you pay close attention to what’s going on. Heartland is mostly about horses and the Amy Fleming join up training method. Join up is where you run the horse around a round pin for a few minutes then you take the pressure off and walk away from the horse and then the horse will join up with you. Amy had many more training methods, but she was mostly famous for that method. In the movie adaptation, Heartland, Amy Fleming was the most famous trainer in Hudson County.