How movies may impact a child’s development


Kids’ viewing of films may influence their brain development in both positive and bad ways.

Gabriela Gomez, Jr. Editor

A child’s life is not complete without watching movies. When it comes to how movies affect a child’s development, there are both positive and negative effects. 

 Negative effects, starting with detrimental impacts on health and development and language problems in toddlers, ties to obesity, tobacco use, and problems with aggression and focus in older kids. These factors may cause children to experience an abnormal life as teenagers and adults. For a child, it is simple to pick up life lessons from what they see and hear, typically from television, movies, books, or their parents’ actions. Characters frequently engage in dangerous actions, such as consuming alcohol or using drugs, conveying the impression that doing so is enjoyable and cool. This may also have an impact on children’s mental health and other issues, such as their ability to function the following day due to lack of sleep at night. These negative consequences make parents aware that media exposure is particularly detrimental to children’s mental health, prompting them to start taking extra safeguards going forward.

Children tend to have a very clear understanding of who is good, who is bad, who behaves properly, and who doesn’t in children’s movies. They acquire appropriate behavior and critical thinking skills that will be crucial in their adult lives. By encouraging children’s imagination and inventiveness, movies can aid in the development of creativity. Kids who find it enjoyable to see their favorite characters on television frequently laugh out at the antics of the cartoon characters might get a lot of relief from tension in movies. This improves immunity and triggers the endorphin release that makes us feel good. 

Depending on the type of the film the child is seeing, movies can have either beneficial or bad effects on children. By setting a limit on screen time and encouraging kids to play outside, you may prevent the potentially harmful effects of movies on a child’s development while also making your child healthier and happier.