The Importance of Valentine’s Day



A couple participating in Valentine’s Day traditions by sharing gifts.

Alyssa Sanders, Editor

Valentine’s day, a holiday for love birds to excessively express their love for one another in public with overpriced gifts and displays of affection. For most, that is all Valentine’s day is, a day full of excitement for those who are in love and a day of torture for those who aren’t. But for others, it can be an opportunity for appreciation and love. Every year on Valentine’s day, the two sides of the spectrum argue their stance on the day of love. 

Throughout the year we all go through the courses of life with those who we love by our side. Most people go on in life not taking the time to appreciate those around them. That’s what Valentine’s day is all about. Expressing the love and appreciation we have for each other, no matter if it’s a platonic or romantic relationship. Bourbon County High School teacher, Victoria Winterton, shared her view on the day of love, “I think Valentine’s day is important because it’s a designated day to go out of your way for your partner, significant other, or just people around you that you like. It’s a designated day to make someone feel special.” As Mrs. Winterton explains, the spirit of Valentine’s day can spread joy by people expressing their appreciation for their loved ones. No matter if you’re giving them a gift or just telling them how much you love them, expressing love is a crucial thing to do in life. 

Though Valentine’s day can be used as an opportunity to show compassion and love, some simply dread the holiday. Millions of people around the world complain about how revolting the day of love is. Bourbon County High School teacher, Jordan Evans, made his point on the technical downsides to the holiday, “There’s a lot of issues that come around, spending money for one, you kind of feel some obligation if you’re in a relationship. That you not only have to provide gifts, but it becomes this occasion where you’re supposed to, you know, make this big romantic gesture.”  As Mr. Evans explains, Valentine’s day is a huge opportunity for consumerism to come into play within relationships. This creates a sense of pressure and stress to buy a grand gift for your loved one(s). Mr. Evans also stated, “Some people will see that the amount of money spent on them correlates to how much they are loved, and I think that’s a toxic idea.” Valentine’s Day can ultimately do more harm than good when it comes to expressing love, as some people tend to associate their value with the quality of the gift they’re given. Overall, though the holiday intends to be about expressing love, there are some negative aspects. 

Valentine’s day is the day to spread love, but ironically can be a day of hate. No matter if you think the holiday is amazing or if you think it should cease to exist, appreciating our loved ones is an important part of life that everyone should aspire to every day.