Tubi’s Super Bowl Commercial Causes Some Commotion


Jacob Camenker

Tubi is a streaming service that offers a free program, directly contrary to sites like Netflix.

Kaylee Stacy-Mirabito, Staff Writer

The free streaming platform Tubi made an almost unheard of commercial to put in the Super Bowl this year. For almost everything under the sun, some sort of funny or tragic clip will be shown to promote all types of companies. During Tubi’s commercial, it looked like someone had clicked off of the super bowl and switched to Tubi. So many believed it and got upset thinking someone was sitting on the remote or changed it on purpose. This made almost all fans go nuts as it was in the middle of the game.

Videos are blowing up all over social platforms of people jumping up and yelling as soon as the commercial popped up. In most of these, some huge football fans are shown yelling and frantically trying to find the remote to fix the channel. Some have even been saying that these explosive reactions from family members and relationships have changed their points of view on said people.

Many are taking their stories to Reddit and Tiktok explaining the disgust and fear they had when these explosive reactions occurred. Most of these were from very strong fans of football with a lifetime history of watching the super bowl. This does not explain or excuse the behavior that was exhibited in these posts. Fans are going to some extremes on social platforms. They are saying things like “Tubi should be sued” or “ this commercial has caused issues with my relationship that should be allowed to show.” Some of the extreme stories are of people punching holes in walls, threatening their spouse if they didn’t find the remote. This type of behavior isn’t unheard when it comes to football but this seems to have brought many more issues to the surface. This all being talked about more hopefully will help people be more aware for the next super bowl if this type of commercial becomes popular.